Hello and welcome!

Here I am after over 50 years as a professional actress. Amazing. Lucky. I learned to walk hanging on to the side of theater seats as I toddled up and down the isle. Maybe that’s why I can never get over the feeling that any theatre is my home.

My first professional job (age 13) was on a CBC children’s television series called Travelin’ Time. It was a new concept: ┬áCanadian folk music and tales. We’ve come a long way, baby. The show was live to tape. I had trouble with my lines. When I forgot them, my eyes would grow wider and wider. Became a signal to the producer to cut to the next segment. Ah, live TV.

The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art is my alma mater. Name on the wall ‘n all (awards etc.) When I worked with Tom Wilkinson on the mini series The Kennedy’s we got to chatting and RADA came up. Turns out he was a grad as well. I said, “I’m guessing your name is on the wall too.” and he said, “Well, no.” “No!” exclaims I. Then he said, somewhat bashfully, “Well, I was in my ‘I accept no awards for acting’ phase.”

You will find my recent acting material here with my teaching information to follow and, even though I fundamentally disagree with the whole notion, I accept awards.